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Nov 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
>> if they get filtered and get turned down for the states for medicare determination that would be opportunity to also inquire about interest itself, or actually frankly to look at snape information and sick are you already participating? if you are, which many of the people who are below 133% of poverty in the state will be, you may not need to ask for any additional information. many low income families don't file taxes, so the information, because they're not required to, they may not be required to file taxes. so snap information may be available in a way that you can fast-track their medicaid eligibility determination because they provided recent information to the snap agency picks i don't think that, that really complicates the opportunities for cordoning between snap and medicaid significantly. >> thank you very much. i am going to give our panelists an opportunity if any of you have closing remarks you would like to jump in with before rapid a. okay, thank you all very much for coming. [applause] >> today, "washington journal" looks at ohio as a battleground state. >> thes
Oct 31, 2012 7:30am EDT
we don't balance the budget on their backs and break the promise to medicare we had to i believe mitt romney has ideas as well. i'm not so my way or the highway that i can't look at people objectively and go with what i think is best to every issue that comes before me, my question will be, what's best for this district. that's how i've operated and i continued to do so as a member of congress next year. >> just to be quick on your voting for president obama? hochul: i've said that before, yes. >> okay. there is another question on the floor. other congresswoman to mr. koh, if you will. hochul: chris, i joined mitt romney, president obama, kirsten gillibrand come when the long and many others in full disclosure because i put transparency is important. full disclosure of personal tax return by putting them online so people know where money comes and. you have made my personal finances part of this campaign, fine. i'm open and transparent. but you've said that you don't think the voters could understand him is too complex for them to learn your 25 pages tax return. so why'd you thi
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
wouldn't get us where we need to go which is medicare for all systems which make it much easier for employers to hire workers and provide health care for them because they would be paying a simple medical payroll tax. it hasn't proven to be true because there should be increased by from medical devices under the affordable care act the i'm not compelled by his arguments. >> ann marie buerkle, your chance for rebuttal. buerkle: they're going to left 10% of the workforce is indicative of the affordable care act. i was going to affect jobs and economy. our largest employers in our district, the affordable care act is going to dramatically impact medicare reimbursement to hospitals, to our physicians along with sequestration. of our hospitals are not alive and welcome you can have the most comprehensive health care plan in the world but if you don't have hospitals or physicians who will treat these patients, their health care system is going to fail miserably. so i would say absolutely we need to repeal the affordable care act for jobs and the economy's sake. >> moderator: further on jo
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3